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The grass shears (Cane Rat) belongs to the order Rodentia. It is only second to the crested porcupine. The lawn mower has the following, which will benefit the agricultural sector (for own use or sales) attributes. 1st Social acceptance: no religious or cultural taboo. 2nd Carcass (meat) - Mature live weight 40-10 kg between IS. - Average dress 65% percentage point between the head and entrails EXCLUDING. - Lean meat (less than% fat in beef, mutton and pork). 3rd Husbandary: - The droppings (feces) does not have an unpleasant odor, that of the rabbit, pigs, etc. counterparts. 4 Litter size: Average litter size of 8 (1-10 litters between young at a pregnancy). Generation Interval: - Short break. However, it is worth noting the cane rat, which was removed from the game (Bush) is responsible for the domestication of man.Thus Benefit, which is solely dependent on captive cane rats in the holder of the STI for survival, and the performance of lack of a free-ranging options. THE GRASS CUTTER BODY: i) Where can I find the cane-rat-housing Far from a very noisy environment in order to avoid stress. - Far from a bad smell to preventable diseases - Near the residence of the breeder to security, to monitor and supervision.ii) Characteristics of the cage for sure: There are two types of cages 1) Colony Cages: Used in for grass cutter rearing groups 2) Individual Case: used for the breeding of adult male non-castrated grass cutter and then a quarantine area for sick and injured grass shears. Colony cages dimension: L * W * H: 2 * 1 * 0.40Metre Admission: - L * W: 30 * 25 cm Two side entrances will be recommended to everyone. Individual cages: Dimension: - L * W * H: * 0.5 * 0.45 meters 00:30 Admission prices: - L * W 18 * 18 Both the colony and individual cages can be superimposed on the other side (up to 3 others) form a Compact Battery Cage. Animal density per cage: - Livestock 1 1 5 male + female (This numeric = one colony) 2 Weaned Grass Shears (6 to 8 weeks old). 18-24 grass shears third young animals (3 to 4 months) of 8 to 15 animals NUTRITION: Feeding properties in the grass cutter is primarily an herbivore. However, boring generally the best choice, but in potein poor Provides pet with the goal of fiber and energy. Therefore, ICT in natural habitat, the lawn mower, in addition to the consumption of holes, resorts to other nutrients (such as agriculture by-product) to supplement within STI STI nature in abundance, to course meal in order to grow and stay healthy. Therefore, in close confinement, it is mandatory to provide supplementary food with the lawn mower breeder These gains in quantity and quality for the necessary requirements for animal growth, reproduction and good health. Grass Cutters With Their fetch food and mouth-to-their sharp incisors into the food chain (drilling or agro-product alike) in a way that will sound a "tailor made" sewing machine "as produced bite. Characteristically, the lawn mower Described often wasteful as Consumers usually because it comes to bread (for ITS consommation) from the tender inner stalk the drilling Everyone has the will to remove delicious. If the complementary Served is like trying to get out of the corn or other ingredients, the choice MOST cherish it . The grass shears nearly empties the feed-through lost in this way a lot of other elements in the composition of the feed and can be restored to the stable to the animals, except. It is important aussi This memo grass shears, such as rabbits, practice coprophagy (that's the Re revenue from their droppings). Contrary to some beliefs out of ignorance born of your clothes, worn grass shears Thurs water. mowers lap up water with his tongue when served in a trough. drinkers with Purpose When industrial nipples be used, grass shears adapt again and suck on the drinker. 3rd IT has-been earlier nutrients mentioned, although grass shears Mainly herbivorous rodents Like Others are, that they consume Agricultural by-products such as cereals, tubers, rhizomes, increases in closed containment , grass blades should be made available to the Above, and other necessary minerals, their supplementary food DAR agricultural products: a. Grains: .. - - Maize (corn, wheat) - Millet - Sorghum - Groundnut oil etc. - b. Wheat tubers: -. Cassava - Yam - Potatoes Dietary supplements: protein - cowpea, roasted - roasted soybeans - cassava leaves - Peanut tops - cowpea tops - fish meal - Leucaena leucocephala VITAMINS:. -. Got out of the pineapple leaves (This is the middle is applied) , set up the digestive organs, are discussed later MINERAL: .. - Salt Lick and cooked raw bones of cattle (thigh bone - Cooking sterilized bones) but it is spreading to Always advisa you solved the mixture with yeast in water, this adds flavor, strongly the grass cutter is favored in water consumption: .. This will be completed by an environmental factor (the amount of water in the atmosphere), low temperatures and less determined drilling leads to a high rate of consumption of water, and vice versa Reproduction in GRASS CUTTER. The main goal a grass cutter breeders would be good quality animals with a low rate of mortality in the two kindled litters observed reproducing and maintaining doe. However, it is worth mentioning, for clear understanding of some important terms used so far, A male grass cutter (cane rat) IS otherwise referred to as A BUCK. (As in rabbits) A female lawnmower (cane rat) "" "" ------ A DOE. ignite a young newly ------- When throws are called. recommended An ideal case group of one male to female COLONY oven is as Referred ----- --- Seleti of breeding animals: .. selection of breeding animals must be founded on the mower is in good health (free from injuries and deformities) Similarly, it should be based on domestic Share, A History of doe for high prolixity has to be applied for masculinity and a good choice for money "Secondly, breeding stocks selected one months should after weaning (2-3 months old), then subside after weaning stress Sexual Behaviour.: . At about seven months old, the members of a colony must-have completed puberty. Erised If the purse strings, are aggressive and hostile constantly to each other and each other could fight to death, while the quiet, friendly Hat and accommodating to each other, the cane rat Thusi husbandary polygamous supports a culture (as in their natural habitat). Now, make a dollar could in a harem of 4 -5 Be Does. The buck the will of the service, one by one. Therefore it is important to explain here, that service or mating takes place only if Cdn The Heat is On Doe FACTORS AIDS in the appearance of GRASS CUTTER HEAT DOE. Factors that provoke heat and triggers ovulation Also in the cane-rat persistent work of the first recruits of the second buck extend daylight Third nutrition in the fourth Isolated in solitary confinement and sudden re-introduction of the Sexual Buck: .. The sexual cycle of the mower is in two periods, namely hand-made a. dioestrus / rest period as Estrus / Sexually active période MAINTENANCE OF DOE. : To maintain the grass shears polygamus culture, available in their natural environment for breeding purposes, it is advisa a colony of 4 must be serviced by a buck house MAINTENANCE METHOD: .. Two methods are possible, observed in operation of the grass cutter Doe, a constant improvisation / method pair b. Controlled mating method of pregnancy and child LING. As long as a buck has Doe, a partner with extensive experience and observation in our Farm Show That made it a 95% chance that the Doe is pregnant Accepted May période occur rarely accidental abortion, the gestation period of the grass shears Doe IS 154 + / -.. .. 2 days (5 months) at the end, the Kindle Doe Average litter size is generally four. (4) to ten (10) The boys are throwing wide open eyes and your skin well-born and are willing formed to suck immediately after the birth of lactation and weaning. The grass shears Doe has three colleagues from the teat hanging from the side instead of the dark side. Has funny enough are very tolerant of each litter could by itself, or the whole litter in the colony are suckled only by a Doe at a time, a different time and Any Other Doe wants to do the same. This explains the reason why there is always a very low mortality (if not zero) and why they grow faster. Weaning takes place usually when the boys are 6-8 weeks old, at this time Is the house Could cannibalism. MANAGEMENT OF A GRASS CUTTER FARM FOR PROFIT:. A. Stock b. Surgery hygiene in the grass cutter to c. Practicing good choice for breeding progam d. Proper records, etc. ..
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